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Northwest Campus offers registration in local courses, regional courses, distance delivered courses, and online learning courses offered through UAF eCampus.

You must register and pay tuition and fees to enroll in coursework. Registration is held each semester on dates published in the academic calendar. For special programs, short courses, seminars and other classes not part of the regular academic calendar, registration is as needed.

Northwest Campus offers students open enrollment, meaning students do not need to apply for admission to take coursework. The registration process is still done with a single-page, paper form, which can be faxed, emailed, or completed in person. Continuing students can register online once approved by NWC student services staff.

2020-2021 Tuition

Resident Nonresident
100-200-level courses $234/credit + $20/credit student fee $800/credit + $20/credit student fee
300-400-level courses $282/credit + $20/credit student fee $848/credit + $20/credit student fee
500-level courses varies varies
600-level courses $513/credit + $20/credit student fee $1079/credit + $20/credit student fee

Note: Audited credits are charged at the same rate as other credits.

Arrangement for payment of all tuition,
fees, and materials is required at registration.

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